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What if we told you, you could get energy rates as low as some of Australia’s largest companies?

Would you be interested?

Introducing the
Edge Utilities Power Portfolio

The Edge Utilities Power Portfolio uses the power of bulk purchasing to help businesses across Australia save on their energy bills.

We focus on three key areas when taking the Edge Utilities Power Portfolio to market:


We only work with reputable retailers who we know and trust to deliver a low cost, high service proposition


We look for renewable energy sources, preferably supported by low carbon intensity generation


We save you money on your energy bills and pay as little as possible in the current market.

Join the Edge Utilities Power Portfolio Today!

How does it work?

We do all the hard work for you!

By creating larger power portfolios and applying some portfolio optimisation analytics, we can make you look a more valuable proposition in the eyes of retailers.

The direct effect… lower energy bills!

We want the retailers to really compete for your energy portfolio.

As a member of the Edge Utilities Power Portfolio, you are taking advantage of procurement strategies usually only available to really large users, negotiating terms that you could never achieve on your own. With the right portfolio, we can even support your transition to renewable energy with minimal impact on your energy rates.

We make you look bigger, more valuable, and even help you support a cleaner future.


Want more information?

Complete the form below, and we’ll send you an eBrochure outlining more on how the Edge Utilities Power Portfolio works and the benefits for your business.


Managing your energy portfolio in one secure and easy to use platform.

Whether you have one or multiple sites, an added benefit of the Edge Utilities Power Portfolio is complimentary access to our EdgeLive portal. EdgeLive gives you and any authorised user, including your accountant and bookkeeper, convenient access to your energy invoices and data 24/7.

EdgeLive also ensures your invoices are accurate and you never end up out of contract. Invoicing errors and out-of-contract penalty rates cost consumers millions of dollars every year. We ensure you aren’t unknowingly in this statistic.


Because we know you have questions, we have prepared a list of FAQs that will explain things in a little more detail.

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