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Quarterly Report – Q120

2020 Edge Utilities First Quarter Report

The world has certainly changed in the last six months. So many aspects of our lives have been altered by something we can’t control and left us wondering if things will ever go back to normal. While this has brought trouble and uncertainty, it has also given us a chance to pause. At Edge Utilities, we’ve used this time to re-think how we can help businesses, Strata and Body Corporates take back control of their utilities contracts.

We’ve refined our offering, and our brand. And we’re standing by to help you secure the best value utilities solutions on the market.

The first quarter of 2020 (Q120) has seen the lowest wholesale electricity and gas prices in the National Electricity Market (NEM) since 2016.

Key Drivers:
  • East coast wholesale gas prices averaged $5.63/GJ, down from $9.75/GJ in 2019
  • Power system events result in higher system costs
  • Falls in Electricity futures
  • Weather
  • NEW Spot Prices
  • Electricity Demand
  • ASX

When we think of our electricity bill, we think of the cost of the electricity we are using as the cost we pay our retailer. But this is not the only portion of your bill.

Electricity costs are made up of several elements, retailer energy costs, environmental liability, network costs, market costs and metering costs. Some of these are within your control and some are regulated and pass through to the end user.

You can pay more depending on your geographical location, payment method and the type of tariff you are on. In this article we will investigate each of these cost elements and what we can do to help you manage your bill.

Are you ready to Re.Think your utilities contracts to save money and get better value?

Download a copy of the full Quarterly Report here: Edge Utilities – Quarterly Report – Edition 1


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