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Take control of your business utilities costs and emission goals

Every business wants to take control of emissions and save money on their energy bills. But does a cheaper deal also come with a supply risk? How do you know if your current contracts are still the best available for your specific needs? Do you have other goals, such as ensuring you are buying your electricty from green sources?

A complex market with frequent price fluctuations and supply changes makes it hard to know if you’re getting the best value on your utilities bills. This can have a huge impact on your business performance and cash flow and even help you on your emission reduction plans.

Utilities procurement that minimises cost, emissions and maximises value

Edge Utilities ensures that your business gets the best value on your utilities spend, backed by reliable providers. We give you confidence that you’re securing the best possible energy, gas and hot water contracts and that they’re expertly managed moving forward. If emission reduction is your priorty we will work with green electricity providers to help you reach your goals.

Buy and Save

Save money on your utilities bills

Using your specific data, we search the market to find the utilities contracts that are the best price and fit for your business. We explain the benefits of each offer, so you can make an educated decision, and then we implement the contracts so you start saving.

Maximise Value

Manage your contracts with confidence

We make sure you continue to maximise value by proactively managing your contracts, while saving you time and money. We give you the information you need to make better business decisions, and we help you benefit from every opportunity the market offers.

Our Clients

We've helped businesses of all sizes get better value on their utilities bills

Backed by Edge2020, Edge Utilities services businesses with single or multiple sites.

Get instant access to the information you need

Our secure Utilities Management Portal, Edge Live, ensures you continue to get the best ongoing value from your utilities contracts.

Are you ready to maximise value on your utilities spend?

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