Our Retailers

Sustainable, secure and affordable utilities retailers

We’ve strategically selected our utilities retailers based on a number of key criteria. Our selection process ensures that we can continue to provide optimal utilities value and supply to your business, Strata or Body Corporate.

How our choice of retailers benefits you


Our chosen retailers are financially and operationally stable with solid reputations in the market. This credibility gives you confidence that your utilities supply will be secure and managed effectively.

Affordability and value

We assess our retailers for their ability to provide competitive pricing across the whole utilities package, including both supply and fees. We’re confident that our retailers deliver on savings as well as value.

Customer focus

We only partner with retailers who share the same commitment to making our customers’ lives easier. Our strong and established relationships with our retailers ensure you receive superior outcomes.

Commitment to sustainability

Our utilities retailers offer a range of green generation alternatives to help you meet your sustainability goals, including renewables, onsite solar generation and energy efficient solutions.

Flexibility and range

Every Edge Utilities customer has different needs. To cater for this, we only choose retailers who offer a range of products and solutions, and flexible contract terms and account payment options.

Efficient Account Management

We value efficiency as much as you do. That’s why our chosen retailers manage your account responsively, from onboarding and smooth site transfers to portfolio changes and timely invoicing.

Our Retailers

Are you ready to maximise value on your utilities spend?