About Edge Utilities

Edge Utilities are PASSIONATE about saving on your business energy costs and reducing emissions through renewables.

Backed by Edge2020

We are energy brokers with an eye on the planet. The experts at Edge2020, formerly called Edge Energy Services, have been tailoring energy procurement and management solutions for major Australian and international companies for more than a decade. 

We’ve helped some of the largest energy users in the country achieve significant savings and minimise risks.

How Edge Utilities started

It’s not only the big players who need expert assistance to find a better deal on their energy, gas and hot water contracts. It’s equally as crucial for businesses, Strata and Body Corporates. Edge Utilities was created to fill this gap.

We bring the sophistication of wholesale trading and risk management to retail brokerage deals. Leveraging the expertise, know-how and buying power of Australia’s largest independently managed energy portfolio, Edge2020, we help businesses, Strata and Body Corporates minimise cost and maximise value.

The right support for businesses, Strata and Body Corporates

The utilities market is complex and always changing. Navigating all available options is time-consuming and complicated, and choosing the wrong contracts can have a big impact on your bottom line and your operational efficiency. Partnering with Edge Utilities is a unique opportunity to get the most out of your utilities contracts.

A team of experts dedicated to your specific needs

Our markets, advisory and trading teams analyse and trade utilities markets every day. Utilising powerful processing and reporting systems to forecast utilities prices, and tailor procurement and portfolio management solutions, our team is uniquely qualified to secure competitive utilities deals.

We have an in-depth understanding of the needs and regulations in the management of Strata and Body Corporate operations and finance.

Are you ready to maximise value on your utilities spend?