No. The infrastructure supplying your business remains the property of the local utilities network providers and this is maintained regularly. If you experience any supply interruptions, call the same emergency number that you may have used previously for each utility.

Contact us straight away. If we’ve managed the purchase of your utilities, we’ll first check your invoice for any billing inaccuracies. If the invoice is correct but the amount still looks too high, we’ll recommend an audit of your business premises to identify any faulty equipment and/or poor utilities management that may be contributing to excess utilities usage. You can view your meter onsite to check if your bill meter reading is consistent with your invoice.

If we haven’t managed the purchase of your utilities, then it’s time to get in touch. Edge Utilities can save your business significant money on your utilities bills.

Power of Choice gives you more information and control over the way you use and manage your electricity through smart meters. With a smart meter, you get more insights into your usage and there’s no need for a representative to read your meter onsite. Smart meters also allow Edge Utilities to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date information about consumption and costs via our Utilities Management Portal, Edge LIVE.

The wholesale energy market. Edge Utilities is backed by Edge2020, established in 2007. Edge2020 manages Australia’s largest portfolio of commercial and industrial energy users with an annual spend of over $1 billion. Edge2020 has a team of analysts and traders dedicated to wholesale energy markets. By leveraging their unparalleled depth of experience, bespoke software systems, and an extensive industry network, our team is able to deliver significant savings to you.

The wholesale energy market includes the National Electricity Market (NEM), a wholesale electricity exchange for the states and territories of Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

The NEM is a spot market where supply and demand are matched in real time under the management of an industry authority, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Generators bid to supply quantities of electricity at defined price bands every five minutes, every day. Based on demand and cost-efficiency, AEMO determines the volume of generators required to produce electricity to meet demand. AEMO then dispatches these generators into production, charging the corresponding bid (now dispatch) price.

A dispatch price is determined every five minutes, and six dispatch prices are averaged every half hour. This determines the spot price across the NEM. AEMO uses the spot price as the basis for the settlement of financial transactions (the price wholesalers or retailers pay) for energy traded in the market.

Retailers utilise wholesale derivative markets (including ASX traded and over-the-counter financial products), predominantly including financial swaps and caps, to insure against volatile spot prices. These products also influence the price you pay for energy.

Edge Utilities is backed by Edge2020, a team dedicated to analysing and reporting on the National Electricity Market. Edge2020 utilises an Australian Financial Services Licence to trade, broker and provide financial advice to wholesale market participants for wholesale electricity derivatives. Edge Utilities leverages this experience and portfolio under management to deliver lower energy costs.

Edge Utilities was created to bring the sophistication of wholesale trading and risk management to retail brokerage deals. We deliver the expertise, know-how and buying power of Australia’s largest independently managed energy portfolio to the broader business sector and Strata and Body Corporate communities. 

Edge Utilities is backed by Edge2020 (formerly Edge Energy Services), an Australian independently owned company that has managed the energy portfolios for some of the country’s largest energy users since 2007.

Each business is unique and that’s why we provide you with a tailored quote suited to your specific business needs. If you’d like to receive a tailored quote, just Contact Us.

Yes. There are three ways we can help you. We can provide you with our secure Utilities Management Portal, where you can access everything you need to make informed decisions on your utilities bills. We can also take a look at your current contracts to see if we can identify any hidden costs or potential savings while you’re still under agreement. Then, once you’re nearer the end of your current contract term, we can help you negotiate a new contract to ensure you get the best available offer on the market.

No, because Edge Utilities isn’t a retailer. You continue to pay your utilities bills through your current supplier.

Once a contract has been agreed, signed and accepted, it is legally binding. Breaking the contract may result in penalty payments to the incumbent retailer.

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