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Edge has invested heavily in bespoke infrastructure and specialised personnel to develop systems that allow Edge to receive data electronically and process that data for analysis, forecasting, reporting and snapshots. The ability to store and receive data with immediacy means we can supply data to you directly or via our online portal, EdgeLIVE.


EdgeLIVE is a secure cloud-based information portal that gives you instant access to contracts, portfolio information, reports, data and so much more. The portal provides you with the information you need to make informed choices regarding your energy portfolio.

EdgeLive allows you to use interactive graphical dashboards to view your consumption and costs. The functionality of the dashboard allows you to drill down to specific sites, regions, or filter the data to specific criteria that is important to you.


Edge has built bespoke proprietary in-house systems to efficiently and effectively manage the entire portfolio.

TEEMS also ensures we meet the highest quality standards expected not only by ourselves, but as required under our QMS and ISO certification.

TEEMs is utilised as follows:

  • storing details relating to your energy portfolio, down to individual site details such as tariffs and rates;
  • validation of meter data, ensuring that any data received through our FTP servers is qualified (actual / substitute / missing), and data quality issues are raised with relevant meter providers / data agents to ensure timely resolution;
  • receipt, calculation, and reconciliation of invoices – with site costs calculated from first principals efficiently and accurately (as per TEEMS’ billing engine capability);
  • calculation of accrual and cash call reporting (on any day) – with month-to-date actual data extrapolated to full month data sets for accurate forecasting;
  • calculation of snapshot reporting (budgets) – marked-to-market each day;
  • distribution of all reporting;
  • logging of all contracting recommendations for each client portfolio and reasons for recommendations to be progressed or not (this includes all recommendations to buy or hold in scheduled weekly or monthly reporting);
  • capturing of all deals, to ensure adequate tracking of deals and associated documentation, and to ensure all account and portfolio management reporting is from a single data source with portfolios accurately marked-to-market each day.

If you would like to view a demonstration of EdgeLIVE please email us and a demonstration user log in can be sent to you.

E: or P:1800 334 336