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A few months ago, we reported that AGLs CEO would be resigning after the announcements of major restructures across the business. The former AGL leader has reappeared in the transmission space. Brett Redman will head TransGrid, the NSW electricity transmission operator.

Brett Redman left AGL after tailoring ambitious plans to break up the AGL business into two companies in an attempt to reduce the company’s losses. Earlier in the year, AGL announced first-half losses of $2.3 billion as a result of the impact of renewable energy, low demand and COVID19 had on the market.

Mr Redman left AGL in extraordinary circumstances the night before the business was to work through their plans to restructure the business including a demerger. Mr Redman stated he could not make the “long-term commitment” the company required for another five years to see the demerger through.

Redman’s plan was to separate the coal fired generation into a separate business and make the retail arm of the business a zero-carbon electricity retailer.

TransGrid is the operator of the high voltage transmission lines in NSW and ACT and is fundamental to connecting the new renewable and low carbon generation assets across NSW and ACT with end users.

Brett Redman will take up the role on 16 November and undoubtedly will have ambitious targets for TransGrid as they commit to transitioning the market to a renewable based sustainable energy system.