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Expanding Australia’s Green Energy with REGOs

Australia is advancing its commitment to sustainable energy with the introduction of a new credentialing system, known as REGOs, set to launch in 2025. These Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin will complement the established Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs), offering recognition to a broader range of clean energy producers.

Currently, LGCs serve as a marker of renewable energy production for larger-scale projects, yet many valuable sources of renewable energy remain unrecognized. REGOs aim to bridge this gap, acknowledging the contribution of small and international renewable energy operations.

Uniquely, REGOs have the capacity to represent incremental energy contributions from smaller producers. This approach is pioneering and calls for meticulous development of tracking and valuation methods for REGOs. The goal is to ensure a diverse and equitable representation of all renewable energy contributors in the market.

As Australia looks to a future where clean, renewable energy is paramount, REGOs stand to play a pivotal role in increasing the availability and recognition of renewable energy contributions across the nation.

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