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GreenPower Rebranding



GreenPower, Australia’s accreditation program for renewable electricity is rebranding, to create renewed interest from businesses looking to cut their emissions. The GreenPower brand was launched in 1997 at the start of the renewable energy push towards electricity customers. At the time, most major electricity retailers offered some form of GreenPower as an extra to their electricity products.

The GreenPower program is voluntary for households and businesses to purchase renewable electricity through their retailer. It is a government backed program for verifying that purchases are from Australia’s wind and solar resources and aim to cut emissions. The GreenPower program sits on top of the mandated Renewable Energy Target so customers are voluntarily purchasing above what is legally required and therefore are supporting the increased growth of the Australian renewable energy sector.

To date 110,000 households and 17,500 businesses purchased renewable electricity through the GreenPower program, this comes from 500 accredited projects.

With the reduction in the cost of LGCs, the GreenPower program is encouraging households and businesses to consider participating in the voluntary program. As technologies improve, the cost of production of renewable energy has reduced since its inception in 1997, as a result renewable energy has become cheaper and this has flowed into the GreenPower product.

With the changing housing situation in Australia, many end users now rent and do not have access to roof top PV. The GreenPower program is a way for residential energy users without the ability to install rooftop solar to purchase renewable energy.

There are many benefits to going green with GreenPower. Your purchase supports Australian renewables, reduces your emissions, and contributes to a healthy future.

If you are wanting to protect the environment and support renewables, choosing GreenPower is a powerful way to show that your business is environmentally conscious and supports Australia’s renewable energy sector.

Our utilities retailers offer a range of green generation alternatives to help you meet your sustainability goals, including renewables, onsite solar generation, and energy efficient solutions.

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