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Happy 2021 from Managing Director, Stacey Vacher

Intertwined with Christmas and New Year celebrations, Edge2020 capped off the ‘year that was’ with excellent news regarding a 58MW renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) we brokered, and the re-signing of our longest serving and largest client.

With more renewable PPAs in the pipeline, we hope to share more good news in the coming weeks. This year we are more committed than ever to deliver consumers and generators ‘win-win’ energy solutions.

For years Edge2020 has been working with leading renewable developers, financial institutions and wholesale trading counterparties to deliver consumers renewable backed products that rival standard market contracts. Whilst complex to structure and broker, they offer consumers low-cost, low risk, highly flexible and simplistic energy contracts that cannot be rivalled. We are currently aggregating loads for deals in New South Wales and Queensland, with limited opportunities available to join these transactions in early 2021.

Edge Utilities isn’t resting either, as we dive into 2021 providing both financial and physical renewable energy solutions.  We’re bringing Edge2020 renewable backed deals to smaller businesses, Strata and Body Corporates.  We’re also beyond excited to have partnered with a number of exceptional like-minded companies during 2020 that will allow us to deliver behind-the-meter solar solutions to low and medium rise commercial and residential strata complexes. We’ll be combining these financial and physical products to deliver unprecedented renewable energy solutions to this segment of the market.  And to say we are excited about it, is an understatement!

We want to make our goals for 2021 crystal clear. We want all consumers to be more informed. We want you to genuinely understand the energy deals that you are presented with – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.  We want you to pursue opportunities that deliver genuine cost savings, not just perceived savings. And in doing so, we want you to help save our planet.

Let us do the hard work for you. Let us bring you the benefits of decades of energy market expertise and strategic relationships, and trading and brokering billions of dollars of energy deals for some of the largest names you can think of.

Let us save you, and our planet.

Reach out using any of the following, and one of our team will be in touch. 1800 334 336

Alternatively contact our National Sales Manager, Lolita Sillars, directly at or our Managing Director, Stacey Vacher, at