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In a sign that not only coal fired generators are impacted by changes in energy industry, last Friday more bad news came out the Australian Stock Exchange with Genex Power announcing a $16.5M write down on the value of its recently completed Jemalong solar farm due to dropping power prices.

In its FY21 results presentation, Genex Power outlined its revenue was underpinned by long term contracts for its operating assets and its projects in construct.

The Jemalong solar farm was completed on time and on budget so any losses could not be directed at this. The project located in western NSW was bought from solar developer Vast Solar.

The Jemalong assets were commissioned in July and are operating ahead of expectations however its recognition of the merchant revenue from the project in a falling market has caused value to be written down.

Despite the forecast for falling electricity prices, Genex is powering ahead with other developments including the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro plant that will sit alongside the existing 50MW Kidston Solar farm that is planned to expand by a further 270MW in the future.

Genex is banking on the 250MW Kidston pumped hydro storage facility providing an arbitrage opportunity for the company as it can charge its storage by filling the upper reservoir during low day time prices and generate up to 250MW over the higher price parts of the day most likely the morning and evening peaks. If all modelling goes to plan Genex may also add up to 150MW of wind at the Kidston energy hub by 2025.

The company is also looking to diversify its portfolio geographically by installing a 50MW/100MWh battery at  Bouldercombe, in Queensland. The battery is likely to be operational by 2023 with the 250MW Kidston pumped hydro storage facility likely to generate by 2024.