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Energy savings for boutique hotels and smaller chains

Boutique hotels

From our side of the fence as energy partners, we are accustomed to working with hotels, especially through our sister business Edge 2020 who look after power purchasing, progressive purchasing and renewables for some of Australia’s largest energy users. Large hotel brands fit right into this category with their 24 hours service, multiple locations, high rise format and climate-controlled comfort. So what if you are a boutique hotel, or a small chain, is there benefit in using a broker? And if so, what does it cost?

For smaller hotels energy brokers not only save you money, but we can also add value through:

boutique hotel

  • Negotiating energy supply contracts: We have extensive knowledge of the energy market and can negotiate better energy supply contracts on behalf of your hotel, ultimately saving you money on energy costs.
  • Sourcing renewable energy: We can help your purchase power from renewable energy sources. A responsible choice and a positive point of difference for your occupants.
  • Managing energy consumption: We can help and advise you on how to monitor and manage your energy consumption by analysing your energy usage data and making recommendations for reducing energy waste.
  • Compliance with regulations: We watch the market and are knowledgeable about current energy regulations. We can ensure that your hotel is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Improving energy efficiency: we can work with you to identify and implement energy-efficient strategies, diversifying your energy portfolio, to deliver you real savings.
What does an energy broker cost?

Edge Utilities operates much like a mortgage broker, or insurance broker – we work for you. Our team will find the best energy deal for your hotel’s requirements and then process the administration for you to transition to the new service. So contrary to popular belief, the service actually costs you nothing.

We are remunerated directly by the energy retailer upon settlement of your contract, so there is no out-of-pocket cost to the business for the use of our services.

How does it work?

At Edge we have recently set up a service for business energy users to leverage our collective buying power through what we have called the Edge Utilities Power Portfolio. We take your energy requirements to market in our portfolio, that attracts lower fees, and then overlay the power of bulk purchasing to achieve greater savings for individual businesses.

We still contract each business separately with the chosen retailer, but use a collective customer portfolio to negotiate on your behalf.

So, if you are not part of a global brand or one of Australia’s biggest energy users but still feel the rising price of energy hitting your bottom line, it might be worth reaching out for a discussion. Not only can we provide valuable expertise and support in your efforts to reduce energy costs, we can also lower your carbon footprint, and improve your energy efficiency.

If you feel you need more control of your hotel’s energy spend, please reach out to discuss joining our Edge Utilities Power Portfolio (EUPP) where we use the power of bulk purchasing to help Australian businesses of all sizes save on their energy bills. We’ll conduct a free no obligation comparison to show you how you can save. Read more: or call us on 1800 334 336 to discuss.