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Flying towards a cleaner future: Ecotricity’s electric airline using Hydrogen Electricity

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The UK is about to welcome the first electric airline using Hydrogen Electricity in the world!

Ecotricity’s green energy business is launching a plane with 19 seats that will fly between Southampton and Edinburgh. According to the company’s chief, the aircraft will initially run on kerosene-based fuel but will transition to hydrogen-electric engines a year from now.

What is the purpose of hydrogen electricity? Imagine it as a lunchbox full of sandwiches, only the sandwiches are hydrogen gas, and the lunchbox is a fuel cell. Instead of eating the sandwich as humans do, the fuel cell converts the hydrogen into electricity, supplying power to the plane’s engines.

This concept has an infinite number of possibilities. It may be a significant step in reducing aircraft emissions, which are very significant, especially for countries like Australia where transport, including air travel, contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

Other sectors are also embracing the hydrogen trend. Hydrogen service stations are planned for Australia, while a boat powered by hydrogen has been launched in China. Therefore, it is evident that the hydrogen era is not only a theory but is becoming a reality.

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