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With the downturn in the Electricity market, most companies are finding it hard to make a profit. As a sign of things to come Origin Energy has downgraded its guidance for full-year profit.

Previously, Origin had highlighted it was partially insulated from the impacts of the Electricity market downturn. However, following a ruling on a gas dispute with Beach Energy, this has resulted in Origins gas supply costs increasing by up to $40M this financial year, then increasing to $80M the following year. The dispute occurred due to Origin and Beach Energy not being able to agree on pricing under the contract which is reviewed every three years.

Origin has previously amended its guidance for gross earnings to $1.14B, with earnings expected to be $1.02B. As a result of this news, shares in Origin dropped 4.5%.

Beach Energy is a major supplier of gas to Origin.  The gas pricing determination will affect the cost of gas and impact the profits from Origins network of end users and power generation assets.

Origin’s coal fleet profits have been impacted as wholesale prices fall. Origin was hoping gas would be the solution to it’s drop in profits. Chief Executive Frank Calabria said the company is “disappointed in this decision which we believe is wrong and entirely inconsistent with our prior experience in the gas market”. “This will result in a gas price that does not reflect market prices, and it is therefore a very poor outcome.”

Origin will still benefit from the performance of Australia Pacific LNG which Origin owns 37.5% of and is expected to return cash distribution of $650M.

Origin guidance of “challenging” conditions in energy markets remain unchanged and expect returns not to improve in its electricity and gas businesses until the 2022 financial year