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Woolworths have signed a 10-year agreement to purchase electricity from the Bango Wind Farm. The new 82.8MW wind farm is located in New South Wales near the town of Yass.

The output from the wind farm will cover about 30% of Woolworths NSW electricity needs which will be used to provide renewable energy for 108 supermarkets and offset 158,000t of emissions each year.

The project being developed by CWP Renewables is expected to commence supplying electricity under the PPA in January 2022.

Woolworths has a target to move to 100% renewable electricity by 2025 as part of its larger ambitions to become carbon neutral and then take more carbon out of the atmosphere than they produce by 2050.

Woolworths operate in an energy intensive sector with supermarkets consuming large quantities of electricity. They implemented strategies to use their scale to benefit the community and the environment. Woolworths prioritise their support for new renewable energy project builds which invest in renewable energy while also supporting jobs in regional areas.

The Woolworths Group accounts for around one per cent of Australia’s total energy use. Woolworths continues options to invest in more renewable projects and is also looking to partner with energy retailers on new build renewable projects. Woolworth procurement strategy will assist in accelerating the availability and affordability of renewable energy for all Australian households and businesses as it continues its target to converts to 100% renewable sources by 2025.

The 100% renewable energy target by 2025 will support Woolworths’s transition to its carbon reduction target of 63 per cent by 2030.

Apart from the use of renewable energy in its supermarkets, Woolworths have also reduced its carbon footprint by around 25% by using energy efficiency initiatives such as converting its supermarket lighting to LEDs and optimising its air conditioning and refrigeration systems.