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South West Renewable Energy Zone: A Step Towards a Greener Future in New South Wales

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The NSW government recently released their draft declaration for the South West Renewable Energy Zone (SW REZ) access scheme to the public as part of the NSW government’s Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.

The government is paying particular attention to the number of projects that will be granted transmission in the zone looking to generate investment.

REZs are designed to coordinate the connection of new renewable energy projects to the electricity grid within a specific area. The NSW government hopes these zones will attract investment for renewable energy projects, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing clean, sustainable energy.

The South West REZ is anticipated to have a transfer capacity of 2.5 gigawatts (GW) and will connect to the existing electricity network via the Dinawan Substation. Due to its location, this zone will primarily focus on solar and wind energy projects, as offshore wind and extensive hydrogen investment opportunities are not as viable.

Several upgrades to the electricity network are planned to support these new projects, including the Project Energy Connect (PEC) interconnector, the HumeLink, and the proposed Victoria-NSW interconnector (VNI West). These enhancements aim to entice investors to fund renewable energy projects in the South West REZ.

To participate in this REZ, companies must meet specific requirements and adhere to the government’s guidelines. They need to demonstrate project feasibility, compliance with certain standards, and the ability to manage potential disruptions to the electricity system. Upon meeting these criteria, they will be granted access to the REZ and the benefits it offers, such as a stable and well-funded electricity network.

Public consultation for the South West Renewable Energy Zone (SW REZ) access scheme will conclude on May 15th, marking another step towards a greener future in New South Wales.

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