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To say 2020 has been a colossal year………… is an understatement!

As the year rounds to an end, we would like to take the time to reflect and give thanks. Our sincere thanks to all those who have supported us during this difficult year. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the individuals, families, and businesses who too have been adversely impacted by the events of 2020. We wish you well as you pivot and rebuild.

The year that was…

Big picture:

  • Trump does, well Trump things – drones, tweets, fails to manage COVID-19 better than anyone, apparently wins an election that he didn’t actually win.
  • China flexes its military muscles in our backyard, their international trade muscles get a workout too.
  • Oh, China also “seemingly” gifts the world COVID-19.
  • A global pandemic follows – 59.7 million cases worldwide, over 1.4 million deaths.
  • Entire industries and businesses are decimated as governments deliver unprecedented incentives.

Close to home:

  • Australian bushfires rage – 46 million acres burn, 1 billion animals perish, 6,000 buildings go, 34 people die.
  • Australia locks down to the threat of COVID-19 – 27.8k cases, over 900 deaths.
  • State and federal governments start spending, leading us into 2021 with a propped-up economy.
  • The RBA drops the cash rate to 0.10%.
  • Energy prices crash – only recently starting to rebound.
  • Many equity and commodity markets crash – most having firmly recovered.
  • Victorians are banished, for months.
  • The AFL grand final is played in QLD – and during the night! Go Tigers!!!
  • The State of Origin is played in three weeks, with the “worst QLD team ever” winning the series.
  • Northern NSW and QLD property prices soar, as they are deemed the safe space to be by cashed up southerners?!……… along with Chris Hemsworth and his mates.
  • Anna has “kept us safe” so she lives to torment Gladys another day.

 Closer to home:

  • Edge Energy Services turns 13 years young and is rebranded Edge2020.
  • Our team trades over $627 million in energy and environmental products.
  • Over 5.7 TWh  approximately $283 million in energy.
  • Over 800k Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs), 1.2m Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), and 33k Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs), totalling over $77 million in environmental certificates.
  • We facilitate over 775 GWh p.a. of renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs), with terms from 5 to 9 years and a total value of over $267 million.
  • We dive deep into the Safeguard Mechanism and deal in several Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).
  • We continue to structure competitive renewable deals, and we blend and extend as we knowingly fall on our progressive portfolio management sword.
  • We say a temporary goodbye to a few large clients, as they bed down with fixed term fixed (COVID friendly) prices and + 30% savings.
  • We re-contract a number of larger clients, as they continue to support us as a valued business partner and energy management team.
  • Our team expands, then contracts, as we ride the wave of uncertainty.
  • Edge LIVE gets a welcomed facelift and a few new features, including deal capture.
  • Edge Utilities is reborn, officially launching on 1 July 2020. With a tenacious new National Sales Manager and some valued service providers, we deliver a shiny new website
  • We dive into the world of strata / body corporate and all things embedded networks – determined to bring value to a “smaller” large consumer.
  • Our journey in this new world uncovers the good, the bad, and unfortunately, the ugly.
  • New products and business opportunities arise, pipelines grow, new trading partners present, new alliances are formed.

On a more personal note:

  • R U OK? Day coincides with me going public in support of kinder client relations with staff – too many lives lost, too many reasons why.
  • We focus on our people, as individuals that instinctively operate within our core values – with integrity, honesty, trust, loyalty, and respect.
  • With increased working from home arrangements, we become even more focused on cultivating a cohesive, supportive, and collaborate team culture.
  • We watch David Attenborough’s witness statement “A Life on Our Planet” and ask ourselves – How can we use our expertise to contribute to the “road to recovery?

2021 looks busy, but oh so sustainably bright!

  • We will shift our focus even more to renewable solutions, products, and markets.
  • Edge Utilities will move to become a fully renewable backed brokerage service.
  • We will soon be offering physical renewable solutions behind the meter and getting more involved in managing Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).
  • Edge2020 will continue to play a key role in assisting our clients to achieve their sustainability objectives and proactively manage energy market risks.

With renewable solutions exponentially gaining momentum, we’ve never been more excited about where our market and products are headed!

We hope you take a well-earned and restful Christmas break with loved ones.

Our team look forward to sharing much more detail with you soon and working with you in 2021.

Stay safe and well.

Stacey Vacher
Managing Director, Edge2020, Edge Utilities